About Prison Breaker

On May 18th at 11:00 the prisoners of Cell Block A will break out from their high security incarceration.


The only way for the escapees to find freedom is to get across the border - but the border is a 10km run away across hills, woods and fields. Bounty hunters and police guards are patrolling the route, hunting down escapees and taking penalties off them.


Escapees can run alone or with fellow inmates, deciding whether to outrun the police or sneak past them. The clock will be ticking and the route to the border is tough but those who make it there will have plenty to celebrate.

About us

Our team brings military expertise together with trail running experience to create this unique event.


This is the event's first year, and we have created Prison Breaker because we understand the extra buzz that being chased can give you when you are running.


And because we like a bit of fun at the weekend.

Saturday 18th May 2013

Holybourne, Hampshire


10k Trail Run

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